Last (Gold)Fishing Expedition For Christian Student Group

Nebraska School District Bans Christian Group After Bobbing for Live Goldfish

Those crazy Christians! To think they could have been doing any number of other things besides doing something so dastardly…like piercing tongues, or filming brutal fights for YouTube, or planning a War on Teachers.

But swallowing goldfish? Where’s PETA?!

This from Associated Press:

LINCOLN, Neb. — A Christian student group’s latest attempt to show middle school students how fun the group could be was too much for school administrators to swallow.

Last week the Campus Life group allowed students to bob for live goldfish. Two students and one Campus Life volunteer swallowed fish.

No student was harmed or forced to participate, but some parents complained, and district officials weren’t pleased.

“We just felt like that type of action was distracting to the students and interfered with the learning process,” Virgil Horne, assistant to the superintendent, told the Lincoln Journal Star.

So Campus Life will be allowed to meet only at Lincoln’s Scott Middle School one more time this school year. The group’s executive director, Bryan Carlson, said he would tell students the news at Wednesday’s meeting.

Carlson said the goldfish bobbing was designed to foster fellowship among the roughly 100 students who regularly attend. At previous meetings, races, relays and competitive eating contests have been used for that purpose.

The opening fun activities were always followed by sermons and small group discussions that Carlson said were the point of the meetings.


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