School Trustee: ‘In God We Trust’ Reflects a Spiritual Agenda

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Vote is tonight. TheScroogeReport is tracking this one.

This from FOX News:

Trustees of a school district in Bakersfield, Calif., will decide Monday night whether to allow posters bearing the nation’s motto — “In God We Trust” — and other historical documents to be displayed in classrooms.

The display of posters of the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights will also be voted on Monday night.

Kern County High School District trustee Chad Vegas initially proposed the measure as a way of promoting patriotism. But the idea has sparked a contentious debate.

Board President Bob Hampton, a former teacher in the district, told The L.A. Times that he’ll vote against the posters because they reflect a “spiritual agenda.”

“The spiritual side of students belongs at home and at church, not in the educational system,” Hampton said.

The classroom displays were first suggested by the non-profit group In God We Trust — America Inc., whose president is Jacquie Sullivan, a Bakersfield councilwoman.

Sullivan told that she expects the measure to pass with the necessary 3 to 5 majority of trustees voting in favor, but said the issue would likely be over how many classrooms should carry the displays.

“I encouraged the trustees to put this on the agenda,” she said. “It’s very important. We need to promote patriotism and promote it in our schools. We can’t just assume that the younger generations are going to have that strong love for God and their country the way the older generations do.”

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