Clintonspeak Translation: I’m For and Against Things; Please Don’t Pile-On

Waiting for Hillary Clinton to visibly stumble has been the waiting game for most of her opponents. Now she’s done it as the Hot Air blog outlines:

Let’s call this Exhibit A in the case against Hillary Clinton for president. In the following clip we see her radicalism, her shrillness, her inability to finesse a tough question, and her condescension to her opponents. Tim Russert asks if she still thinks that NY Gov. Eliot Spitzer’s plan to provide drivers licenses for the state’s illegal aliens “makes a lot of sense.” She says yes, then no, then dodges a couple of bullets from Chris Dodd, who came off sounding quite reasonable on the question, blames Bush and comes off sounding like a thin-skinned harpy.

Political analysts have been calling some of her moves after this slip as playing the “victim card.” Apparently, all of a sudden she’s calling out her Democratic opponents as bullies for “piling on.”

For a good breakdown of what people are thinking about this go to USATODAY’S blog post, Was her immigration answer Clinton’s ‘I was for it before I was against it’ moment?  

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