Wiccan Calls Neighbor’s Hanging Witch Display a Hate Crime

It comes as no surprise to me that followers of witchcraft are now crying foul at every opportunity they have to point out how neglected they are as a group. Excuse me for a moment, I am wiping away a tear from my cheek…

Tolerance? You would think that the way most of the world bashes Christians for their alleged intolerance that the followers of Jesus have the whole market on not having any tolerance. However, it appears some wiccans have infiltrated that market!

Oh my gosh, be sure to say Happy Halloween to your favorite witch today!

This from WorldNetDaily:

Hanged witch in Massachusetts sparks allegation of ‘hate crime’
Halloween celebrated with sorceress in noose, pagan worshipper likens it to lynching blacks

In the state made famous for persecuting witches in the late 17th century, a modern day sorceress in Massachusetts is burning mad about a neighbor’s Halloween decoration depicting a witch hanging from a noose, calling it a hate crime against her religion.

“I want to see him take it down,” said Kelly Lynch of Chicopee, Mass. “Look at what’s going on in Louisiana. That would be the same thing. If a black family had … crosses outside of their house or nooses hanging from their trees, it’s basically the same thing.”

Witch hanging from the gallows in Chicopee, Mass.

The witch is hanging from wooden gallows in front of a home on East Street, but Lynch finds the decor offensive.

She told WSHM-TV she’s been studying witchcraft since she was a child, and says it’s her way of life.

“We’re not casting spells against people, we’re just worshipping the moon, the goddess, the Earth,” she said. “Just like the Christians, Muslims, people have their own religion.”

When Lynch saw the lifelike witch hanging in effigy in a neighbor’s front yard, she went to his door to confront him.

“He told me that people should lighten up, and that it’s a Halloween decoration. You know, to hang a witch from a real gallows and to have that as your only Halloween decoration, is kind of odd.”

But the homeowner reportedly is not caving in. His neighbor, Kevin Belder, says he has every intention of keeping it up.

“He shouldn’t take it down ’cause one person got offended or a lot of people got offended,” Belder said. “I think it’s funny.”

If the owner doesn’t remove the witch from its noose by Halloween, Lynch says she plans to protest outside his home, adding it’s not only a hate crime against her religion, but offensive to the entire community.

“Why depict a violent death in your front yard for little kids to see?”

Between February 1692 and May 1693, more than 150 people in the British colony of Massachusetts were arrested and imprisoned for alleged engagement in witchcraft. Courts convicted 29 people of the capital felony of witchcraft, with 14 women and five men executed by hanging.

The King James Version of the Bible recounts an Old Testament direction to put witches to death, stating, “Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live.” (Exodus 22:18)

12 thoughts on “Wiccan Calls Neighbor’s Hanging Witch Display a Hate Crime

  1. If I had an effigy of Christ on a crucifix with a jew stabbing him in the ribs on my front lawn, I would be ordered to remove it immediately. I don’t see how this isn’t a hate crime. And if anyone would bother to read the original version of the King James bible, written in their original Hebrew, you would know that the correct translation is “Thou shalt not suffer a POISONER to live.” This is how wars are started and innocent people get killed, because ignorant souls spread the wrong information and instead of doing their homework, the entire flock believes the propaganda.

  2. I think that man was wrong and it outrages me also. I take my faith in wicca very seriously and to put that so called decoration up was wrong. Had i seen that thing in my town in Elgin il; id of done the same good for her.

  3. I think that the decoration is in bad taste and is a form of a religious hate crime. How would he like it if all of us wiccans made life sized replicas that offended his religion if someone so ignorant could actually have a religion. And as for Kevin’s statement that it is funny. The only thing funny about this whole situation is how incredibily stupid and mindless people can be!

  4. I just can’t understand why people target other religions and defend themselves just because it was a “funny representation” so to speak. Sure it is for him, I’m sure you wouldn’t like to see a priest with bible on hand hanged outside on a special christian celebration day. As an active and open mind christian I believe that is is offensive, and I would never display this kind of decor in my home. It is not only rude to others but also tacky and something I would never like my children to find funny.

  5. I noticed that the writer of this piece put in Exodus 22:18 at the end of it. So you know, King James was notorious for being paranoid about witches. When he translated the bible he changed the original version,which was, “Thou shalt not suffer a poisoner to live” to his version of “Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live.”

  6. I live in the Bible belt of America, but I am a proud Wiccan. Some people do not understand how things like this effect people of different religions. This display is an insult in every way.

  7. I’ve been wiccan most of my life and I’m also raising my children wiccan. If this was part of my community, I would be complaining too. This is hateful regardless if this was intentional or not. He should have taken it down.

  8. What the hell.
    People actually think they are freaking witches?
    You guys are freaks. You guys aren’t witches you guys are weird. Witches aren’t real, but guess what is?
    Get some help and stop complaining about stupid crap like this.
    It’s a halloween decoration. Get over yourselves.

  9. Ok, YOU the one that most likely pulls the leaf off a tree or throws you’r trash on the ground and never think twice about it, Back in the time in which hanging a witch or whoever the Christians said to be witches was a sad time, you should educate yourself on the witch trials and I think you might have a change of heart. See in the world today parents don’t tell their children everything about history,If they had this man would have never used it as a decoration. Wiccan is a way of life , no evil, no devil. I agree that mental illness is a huge issue in the world.As far as witches and wiccan go, Don’t knock it till ya try it, or at least do some reading.

  10. I have been a practitioner for twenty-one years, and I find that those of other religions can be fools and extremely hateful towards those who do not share their beliefs. My opion is that they should grow up, and read the Bill Of Rights Amendment 1. Freedom of choice.

  11. It is very offensive to alot of ppl. Wheither or not your pagan, wiccan,into the witchery or not.. the truth is there’s been lots of innocent lives takin along the way of innocent ppl being hung for witchery. Wheither they were real witch or not the fact remains innocent ancestors were takin for a no good reason. This isn’t right. and it should be considered a serious hate crime. I don’t see how this decoration could even be considered to be a Halloween ornament when witches are a symbol of Halloween and he’s showing a lynch made to seem like it’s killing the witch. Doesn’t make sense! Him refusing to take it down is just a way for him to be spiteful and ignorant.

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