Lunch-hour Bible Study in San Diego Courthouse Banned

Church and State

More separation of church and state madness…This from the San Diego Union-Tribune:

Two San Diego court employees are suing the Superior Court because they say they have been prohibited from holding a lunch-hour Bible study in the courthouse.

The federal civil rights suit claims court officials unfairly denied the group’s request to meet in an empty courtroom or jury deliberation room.

The lawsuit says the Bible study group had met in the courthouse regularly since 2000, but in April 2006, court officials banned the meeting, saying it violated court policy.

Mindy Barlow, one of two plaintiffs in the case, said yesterday that the lawsuit isn’t about money.

“It’s not about personal compensation. I have the utmost, deepest respect for the administration. I’ve had a wonderful working relationship with them for years,” Barlow said. “I’m simply asking the judicial system to allow my co-members of our Bible study to meet as we are constitutionally guaranteed to meet.”

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4 thoughts on “Lunch-hour Bible Study in San Diego Courthouse Banned

  1. A few months ago, my Church had an issue concerning the repairing of our bus. To keep it short, it appeared as though the company had ripped us off. After this point, members kept bringing up the idea of taking them to court in order to sue them. I’d like to say that I laughed at this idea, but I didn’t. I found it discouraging that Christians, no matter how wicked we had been treated, were willing to take the issue to court. At one point I protested the idea and I was asked what I thought we should do. I laughed and replied with “I say we go up there with the deacons, confront the man, and if he doesn’t see things our way, we’ll tell him that God will deal with the issue.”
    The deacons never went up as a group… but the company went out of business.

    Maybe I’m missing something in the story. Maybe the only way to grab people’s attention now a day is to sue. Maybe we’ve reached a point where protesting is completely ignored and laughed at. However, we have’t (nor ever will) reach a point where God will forsake his children.

    We will always suffer from spiritual wickedness in high places. Christians will always suffer persecution.

    I’m done rambling.

  2. Spiritual battles like this have been waging as we know for every. During the days of the greek empire, some folks didn’t even acknowledge Christ so at least we’re making progress. Wasn’t it the Basilideans who refered to Christ as Abraxas? Some greek word meaning magic, which is where the term Abracadabra came from? Because Christ reappeared after appearing on earth by “magic”; for us believers we would say by the Holy Spirit.

    It’s a crime that we’re still having to fight these battles, thousands of years when we though war would have solved all of these issues.

    I guess what I’m trying to say is that seperation of chruch and state and the openess of people to be accodmating to religion just isn’t where we ned ot be in socieity.

    Off my soap box. Keep up the good work Scrooge Report.

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