Plan Escape from Solar Powered Gargoyles


Solar Powered Gargoyle

Ad copy I’m glad I didn’t have to write:

Place this spooky gargoyle outside and watch him at night as his eyes light up, giving your yard a spooky, haunting look. A great decoration, indoors or outdoors, for halloween or even all year round. Made of weather resistant poly-resin and is wonderfully detailed. Stands 8 inches tall.

Celebrating evil things makes about as much sense to me as hitting your head with a hammer. I don’t get Halloween. Sure, dressing up is kind of cool for maybe one day a year…but embracing terror? I’m not saying having a little fun with spookiness is wrong, but just placing things of darkness in higher priority than they really should be doesn’t make sense to me. I’m not trying to be righteous…just would rather embrace joy and light and hope…rather than sadness and darkness and despair…and solar powered gargoyles.

My suggestion: go to any one of several community church events that offer an alternative such as a harvest or fall festival – dressing up (in a kinder, gentler way), food, rides, and yes, candy!


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2 thoughts on “Plan Escape from Solar Powered Gargoyles

  1. If anyone comes to my door wearing a scary, evil-celebrating costume, I’ll taze ’em! (Not really, but I couldn’t resist the opportunity to drop that bit of wit on your blog!). — Bob, Creator of the Don’t Taze Me, Bro! merchandise shown at the top right of this page.

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