Offend Religious 101: Run Folsom Street Fair Ad With Gay Last Supper

Folsom Street Fair Ad

From chocolate Jesus to a leather and bondage Last Supper (Leonardo da Vinci painting)…why are we surprised?

Seems like the Catholic community has drawn a line in the sand.

This from FOXNews:

Catholic Group Urges Boycott of Miller Brewing Co. Over San Francisco Fair Sponsorship

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13 thoughts on “Offend Religious 101: Run Folsom Street Fair Ad With Gay Last Supper

  1. Rightingers have “called for a massive boycott” with their alleged pals in the other faiths, including Muslims, who don’t drink beer.

    Funny, I don’t recall The Catholic League aligning with Muslims to protest the mass murder of hundreds of thousands of Iraqi civilians through the past years of the Bushco Occupation.

    And while the religistas blather on about how shocking some street spanking is, they fail to recognize that

    A) the poster parodies a painting, not the event itself.

    B) The painting was made by a homosexual.

    C) Gays drink more beer than conservative prudes, and similar boycotts have failed, miserably.

    D) The Fox Network, which plays host to this joke of outrage, broadcast two prominent “Last Supper” parodies, on its shows The Simpsons and That 70s Show. Dozens of others feature kittens, dogs, and even Sesame Street characters.

    Oh, and while we’re on the subject of public sadomasochism, why not fancy some Vatican-sanctioned art like images of St. Sebastian?

    And how about the little Mel Gibson movie called “The Passion of the Christ,” so disgustingly violent and sadomasochistic that it makes anything going on at the Folsom St. Fair seem like, well, Sesame Street by comparison. Catholic lined up for blocks to watch that sick bit of revisionist antisemitic cinema.

  2. @Cyclizen…great points my friend! Other than your obvious hatred of “Rightingers” and all-things-Bush, you make some great points.

    However, calling The Passion for Christ “revisionist antisemitic cinema” is where I truly feel sad that you have such a tainted view. Many Jews admitted the movie was not anti-semitic, the only revisionism was really only artistic license, the violence was tame compared to what happened in real life…Jesus was beaten beyond recognition…that was NOT depicted in the movie.

    Thank you for commenting!

  3. PS I don’t find the ad particularly offensive. I find it an obvious ploy to rile “rightwingers”. Jesus was mocked 2,000 years ago, so why should anything be different now?

  4. “the violence was tame compared to what happened in real life … Jesus was beaten beyond recognition … that was NOT depicted in the movie.”

    So, you have eyewitness testimony?

    I read that the “real” Last Supper was held picnic-style in the Garden of Gethsemene, not at a table in a building. So, if you’re going to argue “accuracy,” da Vinci’s painting is fiction, too.

  5. Yes, I do think we got here by chance.
    This is a first amendment issue, and there’s been parodies of the Last Supper since Luis Bunuel’s Viridiana. I supposed the weird dog mask is upsetting for people who saw The Shining.

  6. The odds that we got here by chance are greater than the odds are that we got here by intelligent design…or look at it this way. Take all the parts of a wristwatch taken apart, throw them up in the air, and see if they all fit back together after they fall… working as a complete watch again. What are the odds of that?

    It takes more faith to believe that we got here by chance than believing there is a Creator.

  7. Idolaters hold paintings sacred. Any work of art is fair game for parody.

    Comfort the sick, help the poor, forgive your enemies be especially kind to your own families and quit dwelling on a parody of a Da Vinci’s fine piece of art which inaccurately represented an event which took place 1500 years earlier.

    Folsom is fun, hatred is perverse.


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