Fired ‘Good Christian’ Fires Back With Discrimination Lawsuit

Just when you think you might be imagining things…it’s not really happening…spiritual warfare is just some made-up thing…and you say why bother reporting on this stuff? Then, another story like this springs up…usually on just one or two media sites…then, just maybe it spreads a bit…

…and you say to yourself: the (spiritual warfare) beat must goes on!

This from AP, found at WCAX-TV News website:

Woman says agency discriminated because she’s a Christian

CONCORD, N.H. (AP) – A former employee has accused a New Hampshire child advocacy agency of discriminating against her because she shared her Christian beliefs in the office.

In her lawsuit, Penny Nixon of Concord said she was sarcastically referred to as the “good Christian” at Casey Family Services. She says she was forbidden from giving out religious Christmas cards. Nixon also tells the court that although the agency promoted tolerance and diversity, it would not allow her to hold voluntary lunch-hour Bible studies while permitting a gay and lesbian group to meet during business hours.

Casey Family Services, which has offices in Concord and Franklin, has not yet responded to the lawsuit in court.

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