Philadelphia: A Call For 10,000 Men To Help Fight Crime

Police and Officials Want Volunteers To Patrol America’s Most Dangerous City  

Getting a dozen men to do anything is tough…hard to imagine getting 10,000. If I were a church pastor I would ask my men to volunteer. This seems like a worthy effort.

From Reuters:

PHILADELPHIA – Philadelphia police and black community leaders called on Wednesday for 10,000 men to volunteer to patrol the streets of America’s most dangerous big city in a bid to halt a surge in murders and violent crime.

In an initiative that organizers hope will be copied in other cities, the unarmed and non-uniformed volunteers would patrol selected areas in an attempt to deter drug dealing and other street crimes that have given Philadelphia the highest murder rate among the 10 largest U.S. cities.

Philadelphia Police Commissioner Sylvester Johnson, a key backer of the plan, said it will be officially launched on October 21 with the aim of putting the first patrols on the streets by early November. Volunteers will be asked to patrol for three hours a day for an initial period of 90 days.

Read Full Story/Reuters

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