Bin Laden Signs with Just For Men

Sept. 8, 2007 –

In a move Just For Men representatives call a match made in Jannat (Islamic paradise), Osama bin Laden signed a 1-year commercial deal with the beard hair-coloring giant Friday.

Bin Laden’s recent video in which he asks people to “rid themselves of the shackles of the capitalist system” is not a conflict of interest when it comes to the reported $5 million paycheck the evil mastermind will be getting, said Just For Men spokesman Sig W. Devil.

“We are looking forward to working with Osama to show the world that we have the biggest advance in men’s haircolor in 20 years,” Devil said. “Women love men that can fight infidels and have true, natural colored beards without the gray.”

Bin Laden was unavailable for comment on the deal, but his spokesman said Osama looks forward to filming thought provoking TV commercials that challenge democracy and gray hair.

“Osama likes the new look of his beard courtesy of Just For Men and wants everyone to know that being a terrorist mastermind is sexy,” the spokesman said, speaking on the condition of anonymity. The ad campaign’s appeal to Bin Laden was its “Real Men Aren’t Afraid to Color Their Hair” philosophy, he said.

The Just For Men commercials are set to be taped in an undisclosed location beginning in the fall.

Photos available.

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