Brian Welch: From Korn Led Debauchery To ‘Encounter With God’

Brian Welch

I’ve heard this story quite some time ago through the Christian pipeline, but it is oh, so good when stuff like this hits mainstream media. Back in my days filled with recovery meetings, I can remember a guy that always wore a Korn t-shirt…it was a plain shirt with lettering, but somehow the look on that guy’s face combined with knowing he was into a radical punk/rock/metal band was just plain spooky.

This from

Ex-Korn rocker singing a new tune
Brian Welch now devotes life to God


As the lead guitarist for Korn, Brian Welch catapulted to fame as part of a dark nu metal band that became the voice of angry youth worldwide with its controversial lyrics about alienation and abuse.

But after a decade of playing with a multi-platinum group that sank into a life of debauchery and decadence, Welch shocked the music world two years ago by announcing he had found God.

“I had a spiritual encounter that took me higher than any drug I’ve ever done,” Welch said. “It was real – 100 percent without a doubt I know I had an encounter with God.

“I quit Korn within a couple of weeks and I was delivered from drugs and alcohol.”

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