Breaking: Taliban Releases Final 3 South Korean Hostages

Let’s pray for a blessed transition for the hostages who suffered immense trauma, including the loss and killing of two of their friends, one being their pastor.

From AP: 

JANDA, Afghanistan — Taliban militants released the final three South Koreans they had been holding on Thursday, bringing to an end a six-week hostage drama, witnesses said.

The two women and one man were covered in dust as they walked out of the desert, accompanied by three armed men, and were turned over to waiting officials of the International Committee of the Red Cross, an Associated Press reporter at the scene said.

Earlier Thursday the Taliban released four of the hostages, handing them over to Red Cross officials on a road in Janda area in central Afghanistan.

On Wednesday, the Taliban released 12 of 19 South Koreans held hostage, as part of a deal with Seoul that one Afghan minister warned would embolden the insurgents.

Read Full Story/AP

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