Miss Teen USA South Carolina Vying For Blonde Moments Hall of Fame

Putting blonde moments to shame, Miss Teen South Carolina answers a question that leaves you going “what?” during a nationally televised beauty pageant.

The question was “Why can’t 1/5th of Americans locate America on a map?” — As TMZ.com reports, Lauren Caitlin Upton gave an answer that couldn’t have made less sense if she were speaking in ancient Selonian … in fact, maybe she was!

7 thoughts on “Miss Teen USA South Carolina Vying For Blonde Moments Hall of Fame

  1. Could you please explain why one fifth of Americans can’t find the United States on the map? Explain immediately because Miss South Carolina had no time to think to form her reply. If you have to think it doesn’t count!

    My answer – they’re probably illegals who came into this nation illegally and who don’t give a blankety blank about the United States, our culture, our history or our Democracy.

    Of course Miss South Carolina couldn’t say that given that she was in a situation where she had to be nice.

  2. That question is idiodic. My response would have been, “What!?”

    Isn’t it just possible that 1/5 of Americans are simply too young to understand or too old to remember where the U.S. is on a map? After all, there’s no age requirement to be “American.” Did they poll two-year olds?

    Just give the girl a decent question.

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  4. Hi…I actually tried to be kind in my own posting on this…and then i hear the contestants got the questions ahead of time. I hope THAT is a joke.
    best~ GL HOFFMAN Minneapolis

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