Military Veteran: Evangelism is a Dirty Word When It Comes to U.S. Sponsored Care Packages, Troop Shows

Michael L. Weinstein says he is “at war, but not with Christianity – but with a small subset of evangelical Christianity called dominionist Christians. Ted Haggard. Falwell’s dead. Pat Robertson. Dr. James Dobson at Focus on the Family.” – Interview in LA CityBeat, May

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This Week’s Top Scrooge – August 24, 2007   


Leading the charge in the latest “let’s-not-offend-anyone” movement is Michael L. Weinstein, author of With God on Our Side (co-authored with Davin Seay) and founder of Military Religious Freedom Foundation.

Weinstein is so blinded by his passion to separate “religion” from state, that he recently was successful in having a faith-based group drop plans for a care package to U.S. military members that included a Bible and a fictional Christian video.

He has been up to these kind of antics for a while, but I rank him as This Week’s Top Scrooge because of an opinion piece he co-authored for the Los Angeles Times published this week.

Here’s what I wrote earlier in the week:

Michael L. Weinstein, founder of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, has an opinion piece published in the L.A. Times in which his fear of Christians infiltrating the military is the central theme.

In “Not so fast, Christian soldiers,” Weinstein despises how anyone partnering with our government could even think of sending care packages to our military abroad that include, of all things, Bibles!

His other beef is that evangelical groups visiting our troops with permission from the U.S. government is wrong.

The fear in the hearts of these separation-of-church-and-state extremists is palatable, just as you can feel Weinstein’s anxiety in his opinion piece. And yes, I say “extremists,” because these people have taken our founder’s desire not to have a people ruled by religious oppressors and contorted the law to mean keep your personal expression of your belief in God out of our every day lives.

What are these people really afraid of?

One thing I know is that they confuse “religion” with “faith”. Religion does have the possibility of really screwing things up, while faith in the Lord can do no wrong, only to be challenged by man and evil.

Again, I say, Weinstein and his crew are confusing legitimate expressions of faith with religion. Their fear of being “evangelized” has simply distorted all sense of reason. Here is Weinstein being quoted in an interview for Los Angeles City Beat.

This is part of his answer for the question, “What’s wrong with them practicing their faith in uniform?”

Our founding fathers were well aware that, in Europe, most of the tyrannies had been conducted by men of the cloth who were also men in political power, so in Clause 3 of Article 6 of the Constitution, they stuck in the phrase that we will never have a religion test for any position in the federal government. Oh, I guess except the U.S. Air force, the Marines, the Navy and the Army, which will hold a Geiger counter up to anyone on planet earth and if it says, “Oh, we think you’re unchurched,” then you better be prepared to be evangelized. There’s no difference between them and Sharia – Islamic law – or Wahabiist Islam.

So, that’s his fear? A religion test? Well, where is that “religion test” now, Mr. Weinstein? I’ll tell you where, nowhere but in your mind.

It is correct to separate religious practice from government powers, but a very sad day when someone can not talk freely of their faith in God.

If stuffing a Bible and a fictional video about End Times in a care package is threatening, I can’t imagine what else you would want thrown out of packages designed with an effort to bring real comfort to our souls.

What a pity.


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4 thoughts on “Military Veteran: Evangelism is a Dirty Word When It Comes to U.S. Sponsored Care Packages, Troop Shows

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  3. First – why am I responding? I have 4 tours – 2 in Afganistan, 2 in Iraq (this time). I am in the Air Force Reserves. I have logged over 70 combat sorties over both countries, shooting and being shot at. This gives me some right to say what I am about to say.

    My guys know I am a Christian – they gave me the callsign “Preacher” at some point. When we launched night one in Iraq, THEY came to me and asked me to pray for and with them. When I launched crews, they asked me to pray for them and over their jet. I am not a Chaplain – I am a line crew dawg. We who were deployed loved nothing more than to get stuff from home…anything…broken cookies, candy, beef jerky, books – you name it. Nothing was desired more than packages from CHURCHES. From those in the US who we KNEW were praying, thinking, and loving us unconditionally. And, yes – they had BIBLES in them Bibles that were shared. Bibles that were flown with. Bibles that those who had never gone to church read often. Somewhere it was said “There are no athiests in foxholes.” Let me tell you – there are very few in cockpits either.

    At no time was religion or faith a necessity for advancement in the Air Force – in fact, it is often seen as a detriment. There is total separation of Church and State in the Air Force – there is no need to proclaim anything for advancement. But there is GREAT FAITH. It rings loud and clear when the pressure is on. Whether or not people are willing to admit it at any other time – when the burners are lit, when you are cleared hot, when the safties are off – everyone KNOWS who God is, and where their salvation is.

    I will get off my soapbox now. Our troops WANT stuff from home – it reminds them that others care and love them. Please, lets dump this junk of political correctness, and LET OUR TROOPS KNOW HOW WE FEEL ABOUT THEM.

    Check 6.

  4. @Leo…thank you soooo much for this brilliant comment! Thank you for your service to our country and thank you for your expression as one Christian saying…the last thing we would want to do is stuff “religion” down someone’s throat!

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