CNN Part 1 of ‘God’s Warriors’: Rejecting Radical Islam – One Man’s Journey

Talk about a must read dot-com and must see TV. Although the Christianity part written about seems a bit fuzzy, I’m giving the reporter the benefit of the doubt…for now. And again, I’m not sure this man rejected radical Islam at first…maybe just Islam, that’s not clear either.

Rejecting radical Islam — one man’s journey

This is part one of a series of reports is featuring from an upcoming, six-hour television event, “God’s Warriors,” hosted by CNN chief international correspondent Christiane Amanpour.

WASHINGTON (CNN) — The path to faith often takes unexpected twists. In the case of Daveed Gartenstein-Ross, the road went through three of the world’s major religions — Judaism, Islam and Christianity — and ultimately brought him to the FBI.

Born to Jewish parents who call themselves mystics, he grew up in what he calls the “liberal hippie Mecca” of Ashland, Oregon, a town of about 20,000 near the California border. It was in this ultraliberal intellectual environment that a young Gartenstein-Ross experimented with a radical form of Islam that eventually led him to shun music, reject women’s rights and even refuse to touch dogs because he believed this was “according to God’s will.”

“I began to pray for the mujahedeen, for these stateless warriors who were trying to topple secular governments,” he said.

A price to pay…

“This conversion out of Islam toward Christianity was certainly not one I took lightly in any way, because I realized there could be repercussions from it,” he said.

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2 thoughts on “CNN Part 1 of ‘God’s Warriors’: Rejecting Radical Islam – One Man’s Journey

  1. The only thing worse than God’s warriors are godless warriors. CNN should have included atheistic warriors since most of the deaths of the 20th century came at the hands of such atheists as Lenin, Stalin, and Mao, not any of the three religions mentioned.

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