Utah Mine Owner: Families of Trapped Miners Find Strength in God

Prayer for miners

Every reporter asks in cases of surviving or waiting-on-news family members of tragedies, “What keeps you going?” Yet, rarely do we see the answer in the headlines and the leads. Of course, a news service like The Christian Post will not mince words.

– Alexander, TheScroogeReport

This from The Christian Post Today:

Families of Trapped Utah Miners Find Strength in God

The co-owner of the Utah mine that collapsed more than a week ago praised the families of the six men still trapped, saying that “their strength has come from their belief in their God.”

The search for missing coal miners moved toward the back of a mine Tuesday, the ninth day of what one official called a “heartbreaking” ordeal.

Although there has been no sign of the six miners since the Crandall Canyon Mine in central Utah caved in, mine co-owner Robert Murray reported that there were reasons to hope they might still be alive.

and the bottom line…

“They’re holding up extremely well,” Murray said. “Their strength is amazing, and I think it comes from their belief in their God.”

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One thought on “Utah Mine Owner: Families of Trapped Miners Find Strength in God

  1. what I want to know is why if this is obviously something we as a country need,coal,why is not the government’s responsibility also to make sure that these mines are safe when our citizens go down there,we cover it as soon as we have a collapse but what’s goin on before that,we should make sure as a country,if this is something we are benefiting from that these men are safe when they go down inside the earth,because I have watched this since the beginning,I watched when the sago mine disaster happened and I thought then they were going to try and make it safer,obviously not,we can only do so much,where were all the equipment that these men needed to get these other miners out before it ended up in death,I don’t understand it and I guess I never will.but I do our government if we can get bush out of office needs help,we are spending soooo much money on this war that is going absoultely no where we don’t have any money to help ourselves,if I was president I would of already been at the mine,but what does he not think it’s worthy of visiting,please remember this when u vote!!I don’t know any of the miners but I feel so bad for them and their families!!I love you guys!!

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