and other sites of passion

Here you go all you blogsters! You cravers of all things web social! Online dating sites seem almost passe now… with social networks for dogs, bikes, and sneakers taking off. Common passion web sites are making more sense to some people over typical dating sites.

Is this like if you want to meet someone smart, go to the library? …someone hungry, go to the grocery store?

Hmmmm, I almost feel as if I don’t belong…better go post my cat.

– Alexander, 

Social networks for dogs, bikes and sneakers


NEW YORK – A San Francisco native who loves the beach, parks, running and dancing, Marco has easily made connections over the Internet, racking up 5,200 on his profile. Not bad for a 4-year-old Miniature Schnauzer.

Marco is just one of thousands of dogs with a Web profile on, an online community featuring pet photos posted by owners along with pooch videos, diaries and travel tips.

Dogs not your thing? Cat people can go to; car lovers can put their ride on, and there’s for those who are crazy about … well, sneakers. Obsessed with your bike or motorcycle? Give them a profile on or

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