Outrage still tempered over South Korean hostage crisis

We are finally now getting some further analysis of the South Korean hostage situation in Afghanistan. Some journalists are speaking up, painting the real picture, while others remain politically correct (meek), not wanting to call out the Taliban too badly and leaning toward a “what were those darn Christians doing there anyways?” mentality.

Meanwhile, I will continue to pray and post.

Aug. 7, 2007 – TheScroogeReport.com Post

Killing Korean Christians

Afghanistan’s Taliban insurgents have now murdered two of the 23 South Korean Christians whom it kidnapped on July 19.

The first victim, who left behind a wife and nine year old daughter, was a Presbyterian pastor who was shot to death with 10 bullet wounds in his head, chest, and stomach. The second victim was a young IT firm employee who enjoyed doing volunteer work among the poor. Like his pastor, his blood-drenched, bullet-ridden body was found dumped in the Afghan countryside.

Predictably, the Taliban is threatening that the murders will continue until South Korean military medical personnel and engineers withdraw form assisting the U.S.-led coalition in Afghanistan. The Taliban is also demanding the release of Taliban prisoners by the Afghan government.

Some media reports about the captive and murdered Korean Christians have emphasized how purportedly irresponsible they were in traveling to strife-torn Afghanistan, where even the democratic government restricts Christian activity. An Afghan Interior Ministry official reported that the South Koreans, most of them from a Seoul suburban congregation, had been “very carelessly” traveling in their chartered bus when the Taliban abducted them about 110 miles south of Kabul.

But perhaps the Taliban’s beastly attacks upon unarmed Christians deserve more attention than any carelessness by the Korean sojourners. Christian missionaries across the centuries, dating to the age of the Apostles, have long been careless about their safety, often to the point of martyrdom. Most especially, church groups in the West might be expected to express more outrage over the abduction and murder of their fellow Christians, 18 of whom are women.

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2 thoughts on “Outrage still tempered over South Korean hostage crisis

  1. Escalate! They killed a hostage – so kill 10 Taleban prisoners. They killed a 2nd hostage, so kill 100 Taleban prisoners. If they kill a thied, kill 1,000 Taleban prisoners. ESCALATE! THAT they might understand. Anything else will just encourage them to do it more.

  2. It’s a few weeks later now and the ordeal’s effects are still reverberating out there. Korea must renounce the pact it made with the devil and NOT withdraw its troops. What kind of country takes its marching orders from the Taliban???

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