Sean Penn Takes ‘Love Thy Enemy’ to Another Level

So sterile!

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I used to be a peacenik. You know the kind. The one that wants to get along with everyone. The give-peace-a-chance kind. Also, the one that asks, “Can’t we all just get along?” ala Rodney King.

So, I still kind of understand where actor Sean Penn’s head is at when he goes to totalitarian led countries and hobnobs with psycho leaders. But I only kinda of get it.

In fact, I don’t have much sympathy for Penn’s “fact finding” tour in Iraq or his recent visit with Venezuela President Hugo Chavez. The whole enchilada tastes of sour milk.

Thirteen years ago, I was naive and misguided. I thought evil was something you could shake a stick at and it would go away. I understand evil better now and it is real and not something you can invite for a cup of tea…or a jaunt in the countryside as our friend Penn did.

I’m not a sappy American patriot either, but I love my country. Penn’s schmoozing with a guy that hates the U.S. shows that although the actor may be intelligent, may really think he is doing what is best, he is really quite stupid. So stupid, that I’ve picked him as This Week’s Top Scrooge.

Note: Full work and life load responsibilities prevented the publishing of last week’s Top Scrooge. This edition of This Week’s Top Scrooge is for the week of August 3.

How can anyone embrace that while aboard the presidential jet, a grinning Chavez put a hand on Penn’s shoulder, praised his acting and added: “And he’s anti-Bush!”?

As Associated Press reports, the Venezuelan president reveled in his role as host to the Hollywood star as they flew across the country Friday and traveled through the countryside in a military jeep with Chavez at the wheel, stopping to greet cheering supporters.

Word is out that even Hollywood types are saying Penn went too far.

Associated Press:

Cuban-born actress Maria Conchita Alonso, who grew up in Venezuela, said Penn is lending support to a “totalitarian” leader who wants increasing control of society—a charge Chavez denies.

In a phone interview from her home in Beverly Hills, Calif., Alonso said although she respects Penn as an actor, she hopes he “comes to his senses and he realizes that he’s being used.”

Yes, come to one’s senses, Sean. By the grace of God, that’s what I did awhile back. I learned you can’t cast pearls out to swine (Matthew 7:6). Sure, love thy enemy…but in this case, the best love would be prayer…from a far.

Chavez and Penn make quite a couple don’t they? They have got to get together more often as honorary board members of the anti-Bush club. They can simply sit together and hate.

Come to your senses, Penn…and while you are at it, you may want to cancel the rest of your Axis of Evil Tour dates!



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