Harvest Crusade 2007 delivers the message

Harvest Crusade 2007 Angels Stadium

Saturday night was “Amplify” night at the Harvest Crusade at Angels Stadium, meaning worship music geared to the young at loud decibels. I was there when P.O.D. screamed “We are, we are…the youth of the nation” to a crowd of 42,000. Yes, hip-hop and Christian lyrics are here to stay….for awhile anyways.

I was also there, when Greg Laurie urged people to commit to Jesus…and more than 4,000 young and old did Saturday, packing into the outfield grass.

Laurie’s message was simple, direct and to the point…come to Jesus!

– Alexander, TheScroogeReport.com

Over 102,000 Pack Angel Stadium for ‘Born-Again’ Experience

The Christian Post

An estimated 102,000 people attended the 18th annual Southern California Harvest Crusade in Anaheim, Calif., over the weekend while nearly 33,000 more showed up via live webcast.

It’s become an annual tradition for some “So Cal” families as the evangelistic crusade at Anaheim’s Angel Stadium is one of the only crusades that has run for 18 years. And every year thousands return for the hottest Christian bands and up-to-date messages from evangelist Greg Laurie, who reminds them of the brevity of life.

“What are you doing with your life?” Laurie asked the large crowd Saturday night from the center of the baseball field. “What are you living for? What’s going to happen to you when you die?”

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