‘LonelyGirl15’ launched on YouTube, ends first season with 12 episodes Friday

Seinfeld was “a show about nothing” as George Costanza so succinctly put it…and to this day, some nine years after the show ended, it remains the last sitcom I watched regularly. Wikipedia mentions that Seinfeld is widely considered one of the greatest American television programs of all time…and again, it was about nothing. Fast forward to 2006, just about a year after YouTube starts, LonelyGirl15 debuts…a good-looking teen sits on a bed in her bedroom, stares at a camera, and talks about….well, nothing much really. Yet, millions of views later…a hoax perpetrated on the blogosphere has become a social phenomena and financial success. Stay tubed!

– Alexander, TheScroogeReport.com

‘LonelyGirl15’ to Meet Fate Friday

LOS ANGELES (AP) – “LonelyGirl15,” the sweet 16-year-old who set the Web buzzing last year with her playful and mysterious video blogs, will meet her fate Friday when the successful and influential show ends its first season.

Will Bree die at the hands of the strange cult that abducted her? Will her friends save her in time? Will she once again play with hand puppets and engage with best friend Daniel in the precocious game “Proving Science Wrong?”

The answers will come in 12 episodes to be posted one per hour starting Friday morning.

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