Should dating Christian couples kiss?

It is a legitimate question that any young Christian should ask himself/herself when involved in a relationship. But the question triggers the renewed realization of how dissimilar the Christian worldview often is from the secular view.

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3 thoughts on “Should dating Christian couples kiss?

  1. what a stupid debate, freedom means by living by the means of which make you the most comfortable. this idea that people have to live by some kind of religious values is ridiculous. god would have wanted us to be independent free thinking beings, not collectively thinking as people have a will imposed on them which is dubbed the will of god when its really oz behind the curtain.

  2. Freedom also means the ability make choices….good and bad. When you accept that God loves you, you’ll understand that He wants what’s best for you.

    What’s best may mean that we shouldn’t swim in sexual sin. So, discussion about what is and what is not appropriate in male/female relationships is not about religion, but about what God wants for us. How we interpret His will, may or may not actually be His will. Reaching out to Him is the first step.

  3. i think you outta start debating murderous wars before you even debate kissing. your recommended books section is pathetic, don’t you realize all of that is propaganda. all that garbage about left vs. right is a way to divide a populous that already knows and agrees on what it wants.

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