Lungs take a hit on cannabis

Marijuana under grow lights

Marijuana grows under lights. Smoking a single joint of cannabis has the same impact on breathing capacity as up to five cigarettes, according to a New Zealand study published on Monday in a specialist British journal, Thorax. (AFP/File/Robyn Beck)


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6 thoughts on “Lungs take a hit on cannabis

  1. then don’t smoke it. i mean what the hell, this debate that pot is bad for your lungs is only relevant if you smoke it. there are a bunch of other ways to get thc. legalize it, this debate is stupid and has been for way too long. quit bashing pot.

  2. If I have the opportunity to say that pot is bad, I will. If one person at least considers not smoking pot as the result of hearing the truth about it, I am happy.

    Thank you for your comment…and no, this “debate” is not stupid.

  3. you’ve probably never even tried it, thats like convincing people not to drink pepsi and to drink coke, despite the fact you’ve never tried pepsi and HEARD it was bad so you’re on a crusade to stop pepsi drinkers. think about the damage alcohol does to our society, and why is it socially acceptable when thousands of people die every year in car accidents and kill innocent bystanders. think about the amount of broken limbs, cuts, ruined lives because of what alcohol has done. i’ve never heard of someone getting high and beating their kid, but i have heard of that with drunk fathers. ALSO marijuana is NOT addictive, and its easily grown everywhere. Why do you think its really illegal? thats exactly why. it may have the same impact on breathing capacity of 5 cigarettes, but it’s also not filled with cancer causing agents like tobbaco. thats another thing, how can you put up a rightous crusade against something you know nothing about. cigarettes kill people every day. EVERY DAY.

  4. Dear citizenbrain,
    In a life prior to sobriety, yes, I did have an occasional spleef or two…even hung out with the crowd that imbibed. The arguments you make are very weak. I found ganja to make me somewhat paranoid and uncomfortable. I saw wasted lives and wasted time…and doing both can be dangerous as well. Also, tell that pot is not addictive to an ex-girlfriend of mine (back in 1978) that HAD to have a puff…or two every morning from her bong or roach.

    Your hatred for anybody with an opposing view to your rebellious lifestyle is obvious!

    However, thanks for your comments! I take them gladly!


  5. Even though you’re girlfriend “HAD” to have a hit doesn’t mean she was physically addicted. She was just caught up in a routine that seems to have been rotating around pot. Once you can accomplish providing yourself w/ some outlines of when to smoke so that it’s not the focus of your life, just a positive in your life, than you can live life normally and to the fullest!
    This blessing of an herb called marijuana can, in fact, be used without negative side effects!
    I really beg to those who have a negative perception on this herb to reconsider! I too was blinded by the flood of bullshit the school system tried to shove down my throat but I have seen the light now.
    I’m not saying you should smoke, but you should reconsider blaming herb! It’s the user who is at fault!!!

  6. @Randy…I did not blame the herb! I’m calling out marijuana for what it is…it is a disabler, not an enabler. It inhibits certain brain functions, not enhances.

    Why do you think they call it dope? (To use an oldie but goodie)

    Certainly, it is the user’s choice. My opinion is that it is a bad choice…am I chastising you or users? No. Just no longer think getting “stoned” with any drug, including alcohol, is very productive.

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