Note to Lindsay Lohan: ‘Denial’ is Not a River in Egypt

Lindsay Lohan

This Week’s Top Scrooge – July 27, 2007  


Confession of sins doesn’t come easy for some, even when the sins are staring you straight in the face.

Case in point, actress Lindsay Lohan, accused of drunken driving and cocaine possession after her second arrest in a month, has denied she was taking drugs. Not only has she denied taking drugs, she has denied she drove the car in which the now-famous car chase took place.

Just before Lindsay Lohan was arrested early Tuesday morning, she commandeered a car and took three men hostage — this, according to the three men who were in the car with her. I viewed the testimony of the three men at and the dudes account of the evening seems credible.

Police said they found the actress in a parking lot after an emergency call from the mother of her personal assistant, who said she was being pursued by Lohan. Police said the assistant had just quit her job hours earlier.

According to one of the men, they heard Lohan say to police, “I wasn’t driving, the black kid was.”

Lohan’s arrest in Santa Monica, California, came less than two weeks after a second stint this year in a drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility and while still wearing an alcohol-monitoring ankle bracelet.

Lohan was booked on suspicion of drunken driving, cocaine possession, bringing a controlled substance into custody and driving on a suspended license. She was released on bail and is due back in court on Aug. 24.

“I am innocent … did not do drugs they’re not mine,” she wrote in an e-mail to “Access Hollywood” host Billy Bush that was posted on the entertainment show’s Web site.

So, let’s recap Lindsay’s claims, many of which, by the way, are backed up or endorsed by her team of co-dependants, including family members and freinds.

She says:
The cocaine in her pants pocket was not hers.
She was not driving the car involved in chasing her assistant.
She had not done drugs.

As a former 30-year “party animal” (old school) myself, I say to Lindsay, it’s time for an awakening. And maybe this will help, Lindsay Lohan…you are This Week’s Top Scrooge.

There now, let it sink in. No more denial. Surrender. Why wait for another “bottom” as they say in the recovery world. Yes, I know, it looks like you are going to prison, but why wait until you are in a jail cell to confess your sins and ask for help?

To the Lindsay Lohans of the world, recognize you have sinned, and ask Jesus into your life. Say you want to follow Him and live a life doing the best you can at it. Put your heart into it and your life will never be the same.



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4 thoughts on “Note to Lindsay Lohan: ‘Denial’ is Not a River in Egypt

  1. Ok, so if you want to scrooge about something, scrooge about this. Hypocrites. And don’t be such a hypocrite yourself. You admit you were a bit of a ‘party animal’ in your time, well think about how you would have felt having every teeny tiny detail of your life plastered across the newspapers and magazines. Do you think it’s easy being in the public eye all the time? In the case of Lindsay Lohan, I’m not defending her behavior, rather, I’m telling you to give the girl a bit of a break. Everybody makes mistakes and everybody has to deal with the consequences. I’ve had to deal with the result of mine over and over again through my life. And she will, as likely as not, learn that lesson on her own without everybody judging her.

  2. ^ Mandie, you seem to know the difference between right and wrong. Not everyone does. This is a venue to just point out a few things…mainly that evil does exist (which many do not aknowledge either)…and to hopefully have a little fun with it. Being named “This Week’s Top Scrooge” is not the worst thing to have happened to Lindsay. I’m praying for a safe awakening!

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