Macy’s Pulls ‘Brown is the New White’ T-shirt

Macy’s department store is no longer selling a T-shirt that might offend some members of the Hispanic community.

MyFox – Dallas
July 24, 2007 – Post

According to Macy’s, one of its goals is to provide an exclusive line of clothing geared toward Latina shoppers looking to express cultural identity through fashion.

However, one such item might have actually offended potential Hispanic customers, so the company pulled it during the weekend.

The T-shirt, which reads “Brown is the New White,” is offensive, according to Hispanic marketing expert Dr. Ed Rincon.

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4 thoughts on “Macy’s Pulls ‘Brown is the New White’ T-shirt

  1. Dr. Rincon, who made the comment about Latinas finding the T-shirt offensive, was mistaken. Young Latinas were not the ones who complained. It was the right-wing blogosphere which encouraged a letter and email campaign against the shirt. Believe it or not, young Latinos actually have a sense of humor…with an edge!

    Carl Kravetz
    Past Chairman
    Assoc. of Hispanic Advertising Agencies

  2. I much rather think is one of those things that can go in different directions. I think Microsoft’s Zune had used that same slogan referring to the colors availability of the device. This is a t-shirt and it is brown as the phrase, so to me it is a fashion statement; to think of it necessarily as a racial statement seems to me a little paranoid.

    Hell, maybe it means that so-called “brown” people are assimilating the lifestyle long associated with the “white” culture as portrayed on the media for years, like what the shirt means may just be something along the “keeping up with the Joneses” line.

  3. And as Carl says in his comment, it is about a sense of humor, I checked some of their stuff at their website and is mostly that kind of humor that some may find amusing and some others may find shameful.

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