Mixing It Up With Harry Potter

The Passion of Harry…can we get closer to the Lord while on a broomstick? Part I

July 18, 2007 – TheScroogeReport.com Post

Church preparing to preach Potter’s missionary message – The Times, London


The Church of England is publishing a guide advising youth workers how to use Harry Potter to spread the Christian message.

Days before the release of J K Rowling’s seventh novel about the boy wizard, they were being told yesterday that they could use the popularity of the books and films to debate Christian themes. The guide, Mixing it up with Harry Potter, is published this week by Church House Publishing.

The Potter books and films have been attacked by evangelicals for allegedly glamorising the occult. But the Rt Rev John Pritchard, the Bishop of Oxford, said yesterday: “Jesus used storytelling to engage and challenge his listeners.

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One thought on “Mixing It Up With Harry Potter

  1. great piece – why does the C of E do this? They won’t even acknowledge Shadowmancer as being a Christian alternative – even though it has sold millions worldwide.

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