Holy Spirit Surfing

Wednesday – July 18,2007 

Hmmmm…don’t see a Catholic church in the bunch. Sorry, I guess I’m piling on the Pope. The process included surveying non-Catholic churches only…wonder why?
America’s 50 Most Influential Churches – The Church Report

Hate the sin, not the sinner. Yesterday, I read somewhere that a “thriving” city understands that it needs a gay community to well, be thriving…I guess. I didn’t know that gays have the exclusive on creativity.
Pastor says anti-gay letter meant to ‘stimulate conversation’ – Calgary Herald

The Passion of Harry…can we get closer to the Lord while on a broomstick?
Church preparing to preach Potter’s missionary message – The Times, London

TheScroogeReport.com Post

PS I make no claims that my web surfing for this post was Holy Spirit led. However, my desire is that it was!

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