Pope Benedict XVI tremblers, headlines continue

Although the Pope set off a tsunami alert with his recent approval of a Catholic-or-toast document, no tsunami size waves have been reported. Apparently, most know that the Pope is Catholic and that a bear still poops in the woods. However, the word still needs to get out that Jesus is the way to salvation. TheScroogeReport.com

Comments by the pope no shocker: He’s Catholic
By TERRY PLUTO, Akron Beacon Journal

Vatican actions worry some in other faith traditions
Documents released in recent days raise fears that the pope is steering his church away from interfaith dialogue that opened up in the 1960s.
By REBECCA TROUNSON, Los Angeles Times

The papal divide
EDITORIAL, Toledo Blade

Is Pope abandoning inter-religious dialogue?
Critics say Roman Catholic Church’s alienating Muslims, Jews, Protestants in recent moves.
By PHILIP PULLELLA, Middle East Online

Pope remark kicks up storm
By GAUTAM SIDDHARTH, The Times of India

No, I’m Not Offended
By R. ALBERT MOHLER, JR., The Christian Post

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