NY Times: A Blogger’s Blend of Prayer and Politics Gains Influence

Christian Broadcasting Network journalist and his blog are in the middle of a “perfect storm” where republican candidates vie for the evangelical vote.

David Brody

David Brody, a reporter for the Christian Broadcasting Network, writes a political blog that draws 100,000 visitors a month to its reporting, commentary and explanations of the concerns of evangelical voters. (Doug Mills/The New York Times)

New York Times

July 10, 2007 – TheScroogeReport.com Post

WASHINGTON — The morning meeting could have been at any news outlet, with discussion around the glass conference-room table about stem cells, Iraq and the presidential candidates. But afterward the members of the small group in the room bowed their heads in prayer.

“I just pray for all of us, reporters, photographers and editors,” said David Brody, a reporter. “Give us the strength to get through the day. Bless our work, Lord. Give us the right words to say.”

Mr. Brody, 42, writes a blog and covers politics for the Christian Broadcasting Network, the television station founded by Pat Robertson. With the three leading Republican presidential candidates in the early going each confronting his own serious obstacles in winning over evangelical Christians, Mr. Brody occupies a position of influence in the 2008 presidential campaign as a gatekeeper to a crucial constituency.

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