Prayer Before Patrol

U.S. soldiers pray before patrol mission

U.S. soldiers pray in a circle before leaving Camp Victory for their patrol mission on the streets of Baghdad. REUTERS/Nikola Solic (IRAQ)


What if Baghdad was a city of peace?

Baghdad Prayer Patrol

4 thoughts on “Prayer Before Patrol

  1. Bagdadh Prayer Patrol has been a Godsend into my life. It has helped me focus my prayers and expand out from there for other nations and peoples of the world. The prayers themselves are beautifully honoring to our Lord and faith-inspiring. There has been a dramatic decrease in violence in Iraq since this began, absolutely and practically partnered with the increase troop surge, those brave and self-sacrificing men and women. This is truly a worthwhile endeavor.

  2. I think that it is an awsome thing that our American Soliders are still keeping GOD as their number one. I dont know about the rest of the U.S but, I can speak for the people in my church we pray for our troops at every service. May God be with them all.

  3. It is wonderful that our soldiers following this country’s tradition pray and have God in their lives. With God everything is possible….

  4. This site is a blessing to me. I and our church pray for our soldiers and pray that others my be brought to Christ. I was so encouraging to see them praying in a circle. THANK YOU!!!

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