‘FOX Attacks’ blog: filmmaker playing the distortion game


Wanted to give you a Kool-aid Drinking Site Alert. Here is this morning’s post from FOXATTACKS and my comments.

Note: Kool-aid drinker is Fox News show host Bill O’Reilley’s term for people being led blindly down the wrong path as in Jonestown, Guyana. Nearly its whole population died in a mass murder-and-suicide ordered by cult leader Jim Jones. They were persuaded to drink Kool-aid, which was poisoned.

The Iraq War: Totally the Best Way to Spend $3,734 A Second
by DJK · Tuesday July 10, 08:24 AM

What does that mean? In the time it took you to read the headline, the Iraq war drained away about $16,798. Listening to “Stairway to Heaven” costs taxpayers $1,796,054. Because according to a new report by Congressional Research Services, saying the Iraq war costs $8 billion a month is so last year:

For FY2007, obligations are about $10 billion in Iraq, $1.9 billion in Afghanistan, and less than $100 million for enhanced security.

That brings the monthly pricetag for the GWOT to $12 billion a month, a 41% increase over last year’s bargain basement price of $8.7 billion a month. We must be defeating a lot of terror!

But staying on Iraq, can you imagine what the US could do with $10 billion/month? How would you spend $323 million a day, $13.4 million an hour, $224,014 a minute, or $3,734 dollars every single second? What would New Orleans be like if that kind of money was being spent there? How much health care is that? What kind of schools does that buy? It’s amazing to me that a country will accept going into debt to kill people but won’t go into debt to help or educate people, even their own kids.

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Four points:

1. We ARE in debt for a mulititude of reasons…one being education as well.

2. No one I know personally in this country so childlishly agreed with going to war with a mission to simply “kill people”.

3. The government is not responsible for New Orleans. Its people are. Throwing money at situations is not the final answer.

4. What is your alternative spending plan to deal with people whose purpose in life is to kill you and me?

One more thing…
Your slogan, “They Distort. We Reply.” is laughable. Funny, it’s the first thing I thought about your “FOX Attacks the Environment” video…its distorted! I watch that video and see a beautiful thing: OPINION! Opinions expressed by guests on the show…and QUESTIONS asked by TV broadcasters. Seems like a very level-headed approach to a news cable station to me! Far more balanced than many medias’ we-hate-all-things-conservative and we-know-better-then-anyone approach to me!




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Left-wing filmmaker presses Home Depot to stop ads on network

3 thoughts on “‘FOX Attacks’ blog: filmmaker playing the distortion game

  1. Det er overordenligt foruroligende så dårligt orienterede i Amerikanere er. Det må være jeres medier eller uddannelsessystem den er gal med. Du er set her fra Europa et glimrende eksempel på hvad der er galt.Naiv som en spædekalv og dum som et brædt.

    I don´t expect you to understand. You woulde´t anyway.
    But i can tell you the world is tired of dumb ignorant stupid
    Americans like you.
    It´s very disturbing to watch America descentering from the land of the brave and the free,to a´nation of crooks and liars. Once you was my heroes now you make me scary.
    Any state using half the budget on military is broken.

  2. ^ I don’t understand name-calling with no back-up argument. America is not paradise…but it certainly can not be categorized as a “NATION of crooks and liars”…many may reside here, but a nation of them is a bit of a stretch.

  3. I wanted to get the translation of the Danish person’s (first comment) comments…here’s what I got:

    It’s over-order-corpse alarmingly so badly oriented in Americans are.

    It must be your media or educational system it’s crazy with.

    You are seen here from Europe a wonderful example of what is galt.Naiv like a sucking calf and stupid like a board.

    I love this country! 🙂

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