Kool-Aid drinker on anti-Fox News bent

Fox News targeted for global warming ‘stance’
Left-wing filmmaker presses Home Depot to stop ads on network

You’ll here more from me later. For now, here is WorldNetDaily’s story:


Filmmaker and activist Robert Greenwald has produced an ad urging pressure on Home Depot to stop advertising on Fox News because of a purported editorial stance skeptical of man-made global warming.

The ad – as Breitbart.tv reports – features clips of Fox News hosts, commentators and interview subjects suggesting or insisting the widespread belief man is causing an ultimately catastrophic rise in global temperatures isn’t true.

Noting the home-improvement retail giant is “eco-friendly,” the ad says, “Tell Home Depot to stop supporting global warming lies.

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2 thoughts on “Kool-Aid drinker on anti-Fox News bent

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