Al Gore, Live Earth suffering from wasted energy

It’s a bit patronising for us 21 year olds to try to start to change the world. Especially when we’re using enough power for 10 houses just for (stage) lighting. It’d be a bit hypocritical. -Arctic Monkeys drummer Matt Helders, explaining why the group is not on the bill at any of Al Gore’s charity concerts.

Al Gore

This Week’s Top Scrooge – July 6, 2007  


Al Gore has seen better days. The ones that included presidential dreams were far better than today’s carbon-free wishes.

His involvement with Live Earth seems too ripe to lampoon. Seriously, how much energy will be wasted during a 24-hour music event set for stages across 109 countries with major concerts in cities including London and Tokyo?

In two words? Too much.

Even Bob Geldof, the architect of Live Aid and Live 8, the two biggest awareness-raising concerts in history, questioned the need for Al Gore and buddies to hold the event, as reported by AFP.

“Why is he (Gore) actually organising them?” Geldof said in an interview with a Dutch newspaper in May, adding that everyone was already aware of global warming and the event needed firm commitments from politicians and polluters.

I’m all for throwing parties…even now, in my sober days, good old-fashioned shindigs with live entertainment are something I can appreciate.

So, Live Earth can be good for a few musical moments, even a couple exalting statements, but to raise global warming awareness? Aren’t we deluged with enough of that? Even with iPods stuck in both ears for extended periods of time, our youth must be somewhat knowledgable about what all the fuss is about.

Al Gore, your involvement truly is laughable.

I side with The Who’s Roger Daltrey, who told British newspaper The Sun in May that “the last thing the planet needs is a rock concert.”

Let me add another last thing the planet needs. That would be a jet-setting Al Gore and his cronies swaying to the beat at a rock concert, taking whiffs of ganja in the blowing wind, and extolling the virtues of reducing our carbon output.

Inconveniently hidden is the truth that part of Gore’s agenda is increasing taxes on gasoline and fuel.

Live Earth is tomorrow. To Al Gore, This Week’s Top Scrooge, I say, “Party down, dude! Just try not to think of how many degrees warmer the earth will be tomorrow from all the television and computer screens unecessarily turned on.”

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3 thoughts on “Al Gore, Live Earth suffering from wasted energy

  1. These celebrities that scream at us about GW are the biggest hypocrites. Schwarzenneger is such a joke, saying he will fight global warming personally by reducing his fleet of Hummers. Its really sad to see these people point the finger at us and accuse us while they glibly retain thier opulent energy sucking lifestyles. Maybe if Al Gore and Scharzenegger would go live in an unheated cave, I would believe the stupid fallacy they want us to. But pigs will get wings and fly before that day arrives.

  2. People are just not into understanding the need to be sustainable. They have what is called an “I’m Alright Jack” attitude. That is they are OK now – tomorrow will just have to look after itself. I kinda like the idea of charging my EV(electric vehicle) at night whilst I get a good night’s sleep (helping to prevent cancer) and thinking that when I am stuck in a traffic line tomorrow I will not be wasting gas?
    Read about EVs and the City Domes of Wasted Energy That Should Be Charging Our EVs here?

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