‘Billary’ tag team Iowa while seeking a Clinton third term

“I know some people sort of say, ‘Well, you know, look at them. They’re old,'” Bill Clinton said, as his wife smile sheepishly, put her hand over her brow and shook her head. “They’re sort of yesterday’s news, you know. Well, yesterday’s news was pretty good.”

1/2 of Billary

July 3, 2007 – TheScroogeReport.com Post

IOWA CITY, Iowa – The force dubbed “Billary”—the duo of former President Clinton and his leading Democratic candidate wife—argued on Tuesday for a third term in the White House, telling Iowa voters a return to the Clinton years is the best remedy for the Bush era.

“Yesterday’s news was pretty good,” said Bill Clinton, taking a jab at critics who call the former first couple old news.

In a joint appearance, the Clintons sought to give Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton the advantages of quasi-incumbency while portraying her as an agent of change. It’s a difficult balance in Iowa, site of the first caucus and where Sen. Clinton faces a tough challenge from two fresher faces: Barack Obama and John Edwards.

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One thought on “‘Billary’ tag team Iowa while seeking a Clinton third term

  1. Yesterday’s news might have been good; but are now looking for a future for ourselves, our children, and the generations yet to be born.

    What does the future hold for us? The answer is not in yesterday’s news.

    America needs to move forward, not backward. Billary would draw America back to the same old mess, lies, escapades, and negligence that made George Bush attractive in the first place.

    If not for the messes, and lies of Billary in 2000, Al Gore would be in power today instead of G.W. Bush.

    It’s time to turn the page and take America to the next level.

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