Life and basketball times of Nick Young: A slam-dunk story

You never get this kind of dream, this kind of wish fulfillment in real life. It doesn’t happen. But it did. – ‘Second Chance Season’ Co-producer Jeff Werner

Nick Young - Second Chance Season

Washington Post

July 2, 2007 – Post

LOS ANGELES — There was a line around the block Sunday at the Los Angeles Film Festival for the premiere of the documentary “Second Chance Season,” about the life and basketball times of Nick Young, the kid from L.A.’s Cleveland High whose life story and whose family, coaches and teachers are as inspirational as his joyous play on the court. The film’s sleep-deprived director and editor were inserting last-minute footage into the movie hours before its screening — because Young, whose promise and career were almost dashed before they began — was a first-round NBA draft pick on Thursday for the Washington Wizards.

If you don’t know a free throw from a three-pointer, it doesn’t matter. The audience at the sold-out Mann Festival Theatre was laughing and crying — and afterward in the auditorium, complete strangers walked up to Young’s parents, Mae and Charles, and it was not enough to shake their hands. They were hugged. Heck, it made you want to kiss Young’s principal — in a culture that too often views public school administrators as the enemy — and say thank you for giving a damn and making a difference.

“There were so many times when this kid went right up to the edge of the cliff, leaned over the cliff, and didn’t fall, because the people around him wouldn’t let him fall,” says director Daniel Forer, a veteran broadcast TV sports producer who took out a second mortgage on his house to complete the four-year project.

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