For Rosie…a blog is a dangerous thing

O’donnell’s “A picture is worth a thousand posts” depicts her 4-year-old girl wearing ammo belt

Rosie done in June

This Week’s Top Scrooge – June 29, 2007  


I slept on it and I still don’t get it. Why would a woman so anti-war, display a photo slide show of her child dressed to an exact mirror image of the images we see coming out of the Middle East – terrorist indoctrination camps parading children in militia gear?

Thought provoking? Well, yes. But at what cost?

Rosie O’donnell’s idea of “art” is strange indeed. You see, that is how she is defending her post, by calling the photos “art”. Once again, the Rosie Alert level is set at high.

Rosie’s child “art”?

As reported in, O’Donnell explains the photo was the result of a game of make-believe.

In an e-mail to The ShowBuzz, she said:

“They don’t watch TV – this is how they play/the boys had fatigues and were playing war/the girls wanted some/they run around the house with water guns/shooting each other.”

“It’s fascinating to me/that an image of a child dressed up as a soldier/evokes so much attention/yet the real soldiers – their deaths – their wounded bodies/doesn’t seem to faze most/or make news,” she added.

But to post the photos on your peace-loving blog?

I admit…I don’t even get the whole concept of dressing up to be anything even hinting evil for Halloween. I’ll never forget that first Halloween after the 9/11 World Trade Center attack. I was thinking what was the point of it all? What was the point of dressing up like a ghoul or anything with blood?

Sure kids will be kids. However, I think I might have let this one sit out my blog. I might have let this one stay in my family album. Maybe even smile as I saw the reaction of grandparents or friends flipping through the ‘my military kid’ photos.

But to post the stuff on her popular blog knowing the “art” is all to real for a good chunk of the world? Not too brilliant.

I have got to hand it to you, Rosie. You have found a way to go beyond “The View” and made me realize that blogs such as can be as powerful as any media.

Rosie, you’ve been mentioned on this blog,, a few times, but never as This Week’s Top Scrooge. Sorry, tag…you are it!

And by the way…Peace out!
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