Family remembers Edith Rodriguez’s life…while her death is cause celebre

Amid the uproar over Rodriguez’s fate at King-Harbor, relatives keep her memory alive.

By Anna Gorman, Times Staff Writer
June 17, 2007

In the 43 years before she died, Edith Isabel Rodriguez raised three children, volunteered in their classrooms, made their Halloween costumes and watched them grow up and have babies of their own.

She worked odd jobs as a housecleaner and a tamale vendor, struggled with drug addiction, had several run-ins with the law and lived at various relatives’ and friends’ homes.

But Rodriguez has received much more attention in death than in life.

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5 thoughts on “Family remembers Edith Rodriguez’s life…while her death is cause celebre

  1. Hello to all,

    I currently work as an “International Patient Advocate” for person afflicted with “Adhesion Related Disorder (ARD)” and though this disorder has not been confirmed as a condition that Edith Isabel Rodriguez had, in my opinion it very well could be. It is my intentions to secure Mrs. Rodriguez’s autopsy report which will offer to me a more comprehensive look into her prior medical/surgical history, which, if there is anything of a surgical nature existing in that history, will give credence to the probability that “post surgical peritoneal adhesions” were in fact a cause of her pain and multiple ER visits for pain. I can say with certainty that being on analgesics it is no wonder Edith had a bowel obstruction from constipation, which is a side affect of such a medication, and for a person who has a bowel compromised from adhesions, obstruction is a medical emergency which can trigger the results typical of what Edith Isabel Rodriguez experienced -death surrounded by ignorance and hostility within the medical arena.

    Adhesions cannot be diagnosed without a surgical procedure, they will NOT show up on any diagnostic tests currently offered in our medical arena – not on a CT Scan, MRI, Contrast Lower Gi series or abdominal X-rays, however, displacement of the intestines, AND ANY obstruction of the intestines will show 100%…but it will NOT show an obstruction, caused by adhesions or not, if these diagnostics are not ordered on the patient!
    FACT: #1 death by intestinal obstructions results from intestinal adhesions!
    (Physicians will generaly NOT tell a patient if they indeed have intestinal adhesions because most times the adhesions are caused BY the Dr. as in an “iatrogenic” disease, something caused by a Dr. or by the treatment by a Dr!

    Tammy Wynette died under similar circumstances, and her death was directly related to ARD. Others have as well, unfortunately. I invite, and encourage you to please visit this web site: for more information on ARD.

    My own mother died in a similar fashion, less harsh then dear Edith, as she laid in her bed and died of a perforated bowel, more “hygenic” way to die verses Ediths death, but no less at the hands of the medical society!

    I am hoping that everyone who reads this blog will taking this unfortunate situation and loss of a young mother a step further by acclimating yourselves to a most hideous medical condition that rivals appendectomies, heart bypass surgery and hip replacements in our country, and throughout the world!”

    God Bless the Family and friends of Edith, thank-God Edith is with our Lord as her suffering is over, and thiers lives on!

  2. Edith rodriguez did America a favor. She was a illegal immigrant, drug addicted, homeless, prostitute, criminal. She deserves a Darwin Award. No way should her family be entitiled to millions of dollars of American money after their drug addict mother – term used loosely – contributed to her own demise by not taking care of herself. What about being responsible for yourself? Now, tax payers, in addition to providing her with free care over the course of her life – as she abused her body – but now, even in her death, she’s still taking resources from the already underfunded system.

    Lets see the video, sure. But, lets hear the truth about all these people who come to America, leech off the system, and when things go wrong as a result of their poor life style choices, sue and attempt to evoke sympathy.

    I agree that it sucks that someone could die like she did. But that’s what happens when you do drugs, keep coming back to the ER seeking drugs, and not doing what you can do to keep yourself healthy. People die in worse ways everyday; by no fault of their own. Edith Isabel Rodriguez played a major role in her own demise.

  3. ^ I think it is possible to view Edith as someone who had problems and at the same time realize that in that moment in time she was neglected in the worst way. Her problems do not justify someone else’s neglegence.

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