YouTube: “I Got a Crush…On Obama” By Obama Girl

Could the Democrats, fueled by Barack Obama’s heavy YouTube presence, finally get that MTV vote they have been trying to get for 20 years?

Obama’s campaign headquarters: no comment.

June 14, 2007 – Post

News story: YouTube Video Emphasizes Obama Sex Appeal


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One thought on “YouTube: “I Got a Crush…On Obama” By Obama Girl

  1. This sexist video is irresponsible and degrading to women, and treats them like non-individuals without intelligence who can only gauge a presidential candidate based on their “sex appeal”. It is an insult and a disgrace to American women anywhere, and is a throwback to the pre-1950s. Shame on them. Clearly they have NO respect for women or for the importance of an issue like selecting a national leader for our nation. What a disgrace. An even greater disgrace is that candidate Barack Obama has not condemned this as the sexist embarrassment that it is. A sad day in women’s rights in America.

    Moreover, it is also an embarrassing insult to Mr. Obama’s wife, who apparently NO ONE cares to show any respect towards at all, including Mr. Obama. Married men: Can you imagine if someone showed this type of insult towards YOUR wife? Would you sit there and be SILENT about it? I don’t think so. I’m sorry, this sexist disgrace unfortunately says a lot about presidential candidate Barack Obama by his silence, and none of it is good. Shame, shame, shame – to the people who created this disgrace, to the cowardly mainstream media, and of course, Mr. Obama for allowing this insult to his wife and to American women everywhere to go without your response.

    I hope I am wrong Mr. Obama, and he will condemn this disgrace in the coming days. At a minimum, to show respect to your wife.

    I respect my wife and I respect other women as individuals with intelligence, imagination, and the ability to make important decisions vital to America, not as people who can only make decisions based on “sex appeal”. I didn’t even think there was a question of respecting women as such equals in America in the year 2007… in the 21st century, for God’s sake. But clearly there are many who seek to treat women with complete and utter disrepect even now.

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