Religious extremists in 3 faiths share views: ‘New Thinking’ report

A pre-conference report attempts to lump extremists of different faiths together. Problem is tagging someone a Christian extremist would be an oxymoron. The two views could not exist in one person unless the person was only professing to be a Christian.

– Alexander, 

Anyways, here’s the story:

Religious extremists in 3 faiths share views: report


NEW YORK – Violent Muslim, Christian and Jewish extremists invoke the same rhetoric of “good” and “evil” and the best way to fight them is to tackle the problems that drive people to extremism, according to a report obtained by Reuters.

It said extremists from each of the three faiths often have tangible grievances — social, economic or political — but they invoke religion to recruit followers and to justify breaking the law, including killing civilians and members of their own faith.

The report was commissioned by security think tank EastWest Institute ahead of a conference on Thursday in New York titled “Towards a Common Response: New Thinking Against Violent Extremism and Radicalization.” The report will be updated and published after the conference.

The authors compared ideologies, recruitment tactics and responses to violent religious extremists in three places — Muslims in Britain, Jews in Israel and Christians in the United States.

“What is striking … is the similarity of the worldview and the rationale for violence,” the report said.

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