Paris Hilton Fallout: Agents Quit, Sheriff Targeted, and Inmates Get Lawsuit Happy

This should be about the thousands of other inmates currently incarcerated in L.A. County jail who need proper medical treatment and who aren’t given medical treatment as Paris Hilton was. – Project Islamic HOPE

June 12, 2007 – Post

One day after learning that Paris Hilton has found God, we discover she’s lost her agent.

Michael Donkis of the Endeavor Agency confirmed to E! Online Tuesday that the firm is no longer representing Hilton. Donkis did not offer any explanation for the move. Sources say the announcement was made Friday—the same day Hilton was ordered back to jail—in a company-wide email.

While the loss of her agent ranks relatively low on the list of Hilton’s current worries, the man behind her get-out-of-jail ticket is facing all kinds of problems of his own.

On Tuesday, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors gave Sheriff Lee Baca one week to come up with a detailed report on why, exactly, he defied a judge’s orders and granted the heiress a “reassignment” to house arrest after just 72 hours behind bars.

This time around, an unspecified “medical condition” probably won’t suffice.

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