Paris Hilton to Barbara Walters: ‘God Has Given Me a New Chance’

My name is TheScroogeReport…and I’m a Paris Hilton-aholic.

Seriously, I like poking fun at ourselves…and right now “ourselves” are so darn funny with the whole Hilton thing…that I can’t help but “double report” on this oh-so hot topic.

BTW, I hear a photo of Hilton in prison would be worth $1 million. Even the prison security guards are being frisked each day for cameras.

Anyways, whether Hilton is truly feeling remorse for her behavior and that she is faithful to her promise to no longer “act dumb,” I can’t say. FOX News leads today’s Hilton-watch with her call to Barbara Walters and her exclamation that God has given her a new chance.

Wouldn’t it be cool to witness a transformed Paris….a totally hot evangelist?!

– Alexander, 

Story: Paris Hilton: ‘God Has Given Me a New Chance’

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