Was Paris Hilton team ready to blow the lid on Lynwood?

“Medical reasons” given as answer for Hilton’s early release the day after revelation that staph infections ran rampant at L.A. women’s correctional facility


How much power does ‘Team Hilton’ have?

Could it be enough power to get Paris Hilton out of jail early, having served only 3 days, just 14% of her already shortened sentence?

Without any investigative reporting it’s not too hard to at least start asking questions, especially of the Los Angeles jail officials in charge of the Lynwood facility.

The Drudge Report published a piece yesterday that stated Hilton may be facing a serious threat because the women’s prison is rife with staph infection, with over 402 inmates diagnosed with the serious infection last year.

The report continues: For every 1,000 inmates that enter the facility, 13 will contract some version of this infection that is caused by the staphylococcus bacteria.

Were L.A. jail officials afraid? Did they throw up the white flag when Hilton called cruel and unusual germ exposure?

Stay tuned…as most of you already are…someone out there in media land will decipher exactly what “medical reasons” is a cover for.

And one more question: Why did we stop getting Paris-Hilton-inside-jail menu reports after her first baloney meal was reported?

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