Author calls tolerance ‘cultural suicide when it’s a one-way street’

Soon to be released book questions whether
Judeo-Christianity can survive in America

By ALEXANDER has begun offering excerpts today of a soon-to-be published book, Wake up America! What you need to know about the War on Terror but are not being told by your government or the mainstream press, written by Peter M. Feaman.

Feaman is the contributing editor of and an attorney and Republican State Committeeman for the state of Florida.

Wake Up America!
Author: Peter M. Feaman
Source: The Family Security Foundation, Inc.
Date: June 5, 2007

I found many interesting points in the foreward and a section titled Tolerance is Cultural Suicide When It’s a One-way Street. To read all that is released so far go to

Here is a chunk of what I found to be a good warning, to be digested and used appropriately:


Dancing with the devil of destruction

TOLERANCE – Motherhood, apple pie, the American tradition of assimilation of immigrants. Who, other than unrepentant racists, could suggest that tolerance is not a good thing?

But, as this concept has evolved and morphed over the last twenty years, it is time to re-examine whether “tolerance” has become a Trojan Horse; something allowed into our culture without objection, but something that will eventually be used to destroy us. Harsh, you say?

To examine “tolerance” and the danger that this concept now poses to our way of life, one must first look back, then one must look to where we are today, and finally, one must look ahead to see where the trends of tolerance are taking us in the not- too- distant future.


It was less than a generation ago when time off from school classes for public school students during the latter part of December, was called “Christmas Vacation.” Somewhere along the line it became “Winter Break,” so as to be tolerant of those that did not celebrate Christmas. Now, even Christian Schools denote the two weeks off in late December and early January as “Winter Break.”

There was a time when Christmas carols were routinely sung in our public schools in December. After all, it was the Christmas season. Now public schools no longer allow the children to sing Christmas songs that have overtly religious tones and in many schools today, Christmas songs are banned altogether, even “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.” “Silent Night” has truly become silent. Culturally, the only reason the December vacation existed was to coincide with the celebration of the birth of Christ. Today, “tolerance” can’t or won’t acknowledge the cultural roots of the holiday. Very recently, some schools in the Northeast have been labeling the two weeks of vacation in December the “Winter Solstice,” reverting to the pagan holiday that existed around December 21st, two thousand years ago.

Remember when your City Hall was actually allowed to have “Christmas” decorations? But demands were made to remove from the public square any displays that might disclose the religious origin of the holiday season in December.

It was a generation ago, or less, when the ten days of vacation for students in March or April of every year was denoted “Easter Vacation.” With the help of Hollywood, Annette Funicello and Fort Lauderdale Beach, the tolerant crowd won a permanent victory in renaming Easter Vacation, “Spring Break.”

Anyone (reading this book) who is over 50 years old can remember reciting the “Our Father” in school every day. Many of you remember the Ten Commandments that adorned your school hallway. The prayer is silenced and the Ten Commandments are erased. And now at graduation time, in our zeal to be tolerant of all citizens, no prayer can be uttered in thanks for the accomplishments of the graduating students…

To read more of the pre-release material go to

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