Ten Days of Constant Prayer – DAY 10

Saturday May 26 – Day 10 of 10 days leading to the Global Day of Prayer tomorrow, Sunday May 27, 2007    

 For promised blessing among all peoples
Concerning: hunger, warfare, gangs, corruption
“He said to Abraham, ‘Through your offspring all peoples on earth will be blessed.’”
  — Acts 3:25)

For the Glory of Christ
• For Christians to live in expectancy that the ancient promise of blessing would soon be fulfilled, bringing transformation to their communities and countries.

• That Jesus, Abraham’s greatest descendant, would be seen for all He really is among all peoples.

• For churches to work together as one family in Jesus’ name,
co-working with God to change lives, cities, and nations.

For the Blessing of the Nations
• For the righteousness and justice of God to affect the ways of commerce and politics, cleansing whole societies from the curse of corruption.

• For the peace of Christ’s kingdom to influence the way cities and nations are governed.

• For the joy of Christ’s kingdom to erupt in celebrations
of grateful praise amidst every people group on earth.


Introduction: A Ten-Day Prayer Guide for the Global Day of Prayer

Site: Global Day of Prayer

8 thoughts on “Ten Days of Constant Prayer – DAY 10

  1. *question!*

    Does the: “• For the peace of Christ’s kingdom to influence the way cities and nations are governed.”

    clause mean you want a theocracy?

  2. I’m not the author of these prayers, but to me it certainly does not mean I want a theocracy! When one realizes that there is a spiritual realm…something more than our own brains and emotions in play…then you probably can easily see why one would opt to ask for God’s guidance. I certainly could not take any credit of my own for any influence on cities or nations…no matter what I did. Whether I was president of a country or a letter-to-my politician writer.

    Thank you for the question.

  3. No, I mean, what guidance other than theocracy could the ‘peace of Christ’s kingdom’ possibly offer to a city or nation? I can name 5 countries off the top of my head which are the best places to live in and are comprised of a population at least 80% secular.

  4. In looking up the definition of “theocracy” I seen nowhere that the act of praying for the peace of Christ’s kingdom to influence cities and nations establishes a theocracy…or asking for the peace, or having leaders ask for the peace, etc.

    “Best places to live” I am sure is subjective. Not sure I understand the point there. BTW, which countries are a theocracy?

  5. A definition of theocracy is a State system shrouded and indistinguishable from religion. A modern theocracy today could well be any Islamic country with Sharia law.

    “Best place to live” came out, in retrospect, as hideously subjective. I referred to the Scandinavian countries which top the UN rankings for quality of life, education quality, R&D and so forth. All of which are comprised of populations which are immensely secular.

    I was just a bit puzzled by the clause “For the peace of Christ’s kingdom to influence the way cities and nations are governed.” in the prayer. Presumably a prayer is a kind of wish, someone wills something in a prayer to happen (I imagine). I found it confusing and somewhat sombre and scary that a prayer would involve ‘wishing’ for a theocracy.

  6. Again, in other words, praying “for the peace of Christ’s kingdom to influence the way cities and nations are governed” has nothing to do with what people “wish” upon their government. Christ’s influence and peace can be beyond our understanding. Theocracy and Christ’s influence are 2 different things…they do not go hand in hand. Theocracy is manmade…Christ’s influence is precisely that…His influence not ours.

    Although people often treat prayer as “wishing” and God as a genie in a bottle, prayer is a tool to further develop one’s relationship with God…He answers yes, no, and wait…and the requests may not necessarily be answered at the moment of prayer…and they might be answered by an audible voice…There are many ways prayers can be answered.

    Sure, we wish…but most importantly for us would be an open heart and mind to His will in our lives and that of others.

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  8. Let me try and clarify something in my last post. It’s not that what people pray for and wish for are two completely different things. What I was trying to say is praying for Christ’s influence is exactly that: praying for His influence…not for our interpretation of what His influence might be. We certainly can botch it up…and have things for example like a theocracy.

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