Fire hoses and wayward whales: ‘It seemed to work’

They (Delta and Dawn) moved away from the hoses. – U.S. Coast Guard spokesman

fire hose

We really don’t know whales very well, do we! I mean how much more strategerizing are we going to do on Delta and Dawn? This latest report doesn’t sound optimistic at all to me.

Oh, well, you two…have a nice weekend! Enjoy the break from the fire hoses, pipe clanking, orca sounding, whale talk recordings and flotilla of boats.

– Alexander,


From Associated Press: 

SACRAMENTO RIVER, California – Encouraged by the response of two injured, wayward whales to the spray of a fire hose, marine scientists plan to use more hoses when they resume efforts next week to herd the pair back out to the Pacific Ocean.

The mother whale and her calf swam away when scientists aboard a fire boat on the Sacramento River sprayed a powerful hose in their direction on Friday morning, said Petty Officer Allyson Conroy, the U.S. Coast Guard spokeswoman.

“It seemed to work,” Conroy said. “They moved away from the hoses.”

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