Texas Senate OKs Bible course in high schools

We are pushing one religion to be taught by schools and not all religions and to me that’s a violation of the Constitution and the separation of church and state. – Hinojosa, D-McAllen.

Associated Press
May 24, 2007 – TheScroogeReport.com Post

AUSTIN, TX – High schools will be able to offer elective Bible courses under a bill the Texas Senate sent to the governor on Wednesday.

Republican Rep. Warren Chisum originally wanted to require high schools to offer the elective courses. But the House passed a watered-down plan and the Senate voted 28-2 to approve that version.

The legislation would allow schools to offer courses about the Old and New Testament that familiarize students with the contents, history and literary style of the scriptures and the influence they have had on everything from government to art.

“I think students that are not educated in Biblical literature have a real hard time understanding what motivated our founding fathers, what motivated Abraham Lincoln, what motivated Martin Luther King Jr.,” said Sen. Craig Estes, the bill’s Senate sponsor.

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2 thoughts on “Texas Senate OKs Bible course in high schools

  1. I agree with you that all religions should be taught in school, at least a general overview. It is great that the Bible class passed, but it does seem like the other religions would be negleted. In an ideal world I would have one class that overviews the world’s major reliegions, or at least offer the specific religious course as an elective. Interested? Read what Christopher Ruddy has to say.

  2. That’s not me saying all religions should be taught in school. It was a congressman in Texas (Hinojosa).

    Aren’t all religions (except Christianity) taught in school anyways? World Religions sounds like a great class…and I think its already out there…but I believe we don’t need to legislate that class in. However, with the Bible, you do.

    You know why? Because there is an opposition to it for no other reason than a spiritual battle within. Some of those opposed to the Bible being taught in school don’t even really know why they are opposed…I suppose for some it may be fear.

    Isn’t it interesting how the Bible can cut like a two-edged sword? Is there any other “book” that can do that? I think not.

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