Iran Charges Iranian-American Academic, 67, With Trying to Topple Tehran Regime

…invited Iranians to attend conferences, offered them research projects, scholarships … and tried to lure influential elements and link them to decision-making centers in America. – Iranian TV 

Associated Press
May 21, 2007 – Post

TEHRAN, Iran — Iran on Monday charged detained Iranian-American academic Haleh Esfandiari of seeking to topple the ruling Islamic establishment, state-run television reported.

Esfandiari, director of the Middle East Program at the Washington-based Woodrow Wilson Center for Scholars, has been held at Tehran’s notorious Evin Prison since early May.

The 67-year-old woman came to Iran in December to visit her 93-year-old mother and was prevented from leaving the country when she tried to go home.

State TV said she and the Wilson Center were conspiring together to topple the government by setting up a network “against the sovereignty of the country. This is an American designed model with an attractive appearance that seeks the soft-toppling of the country.”

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One thought on “Iran Charges Iranian-American Academic, 67, With Trying to Topple Tehran Regime

  1. Not that I would put anything passed Bush, but I would hardly think, knowing how brazen Bush is, that he would have a WOMAN go try to overthrow the nation of Iran. Ahmadinejad is a little ignorant in this respect..a 67 year old woman…No way! Bush woiuld just invade, ala Iraq and occupy the country for five years but he can’t afford to do that. He already has us in a losing battle in Iraq. This would be certain IMPEACHMENT, if he tried to start a 3rd war. But who knows what a mentally unstable is capable of doing?

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