Gingrich’s War on ‘Secularism’: A Liberal’s Lament

The reality is that Gingrich’s complaints – like the “war on Christmas” lament – mark a world in which up is down, where right-wing Christians feel oppressed even when they are doing the oppressing. – Robert Parry, journalist/author

By now I hope its clear that not all the views or slants (spin) expressed here are mine as well. I may post a story just to offer up an example of bias…especially liberal bias. The following article just begged for such a statement.

I call this story: “A Liberal’s Lament”

– Alexander
P.S. Parry has at least one thing right. Yes, Gingrich and many Christians do see “a world in which up is down”. If Parry can begin to understand this concept, there’s a chance he can understand that the world truly is a spiritual battleground…emphasis on spiritual.

Gingrich’s War on ‘Secularism’


May 21, 2007 – Post

All 43 American presidents – even those who doubted religion – associated themselves with the Christian faith. Today, it is still far easier for a politician from a fringe religious sect, such as Mormonism, to be a serious national candidate than it would be for an atheist or an agnostic.

Yet, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich is basing his political comeback, in part, on an assertion that the real bias in America is against those who believe in religion and that “radical secularism” is oppressing them.

“This anti-religious bias must end,” Gingrich told an enthusiastic audience of graduates from the late Rev. Jerry Falwell’s Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia.

Gingrich’s strategy appears to be to repackage the Right’s lament about the so-called “war on Christmas” into a year-round campaign to make Christians view themselves as victims of evil, all-powerful secularists and liberals.

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