Arizona high school yearbook adviser omits ‘God’ in student bio

It is both regrettable and unfortunate that an opportunity to validate a young man’s character and beliefs was passed by.  – School District apology

The Arizona Republic

May 18, 2007 – Post

HIGLEY, Arizona – Higley Unified School District administration has acknowledged that a mistake was made in disallowing any mention of God to be included in the yearbook profile of Higley High senior Anthony Sciubba.

Sciubba, 18, an honors student and athlete who plans to become a doctor and Christian missionary, said the word “God” had been intentionally omitted from his biography against his wishes.

The yearbook’s faculty adviser said that it was a matter of separation of church and state, but added that the profile gave a clear indication of Sciubba’s faith, mentioning his membership in the Fellowship of Christian Athletes and picturing him holding a Bible.

However, on Thursday the district said in a brief statement that “the word ‘God’ should not have been taken out. It was a mistake for which we sincerely apologize.”

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