Texas Bible Curriculum Instilling Knowledge or Faith?

We’re not talking about miracles. We’re talking about Old Testament sites located through modern digs….Do you dispute the Bible influenced the founding of the U.S.? – Ector School District spokesman


The Wall Street Journal Online

May 16, 2007 – TheScroogeReport.com Post

Lori White thinks high school students should study a variety of religions, including Christianity. But the Bible curriculum used in Odessa, Texas, and a growing number of other schools, she says, is aimed at instilling faith, not knowledge.

“It’s a curriculum that proselytizes,” says Ms. White, whose son graduated from Odessa’s Permian High School last year.

The text used in Odessa high schools, developed by the nonprofit National Council on Bible Curriculum in Public Schools, represents as fact that the Bible was a “foundational text” in the framing of the U.S., that the King James Bible “remains one of the…most-loved books in the history of the world,” and that “the sun went black” when Jesus was crucified. Critics say that such statements represent the views of some believers, not necessarily scholars.

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2 thoughts on “Texas Bible Curriculum Instilling Knowledge or Faith?

  1. I live in Odessa, Tx. They are still debating the Bible issue. This morning’s news said the ACLU is in town for this one.
    I dont have an opinion on whether it instills faith or imparts knowledge. I suppose both are possible, depending on an individuals frame of mind…or vulnerabiblity.
    My novel, “LENNY” ISBN#1424163781 , didnt go over too well here. And it has its moments with faith, questions and doubts. I suppose a man on Death Row would have to explore all avenues when he’s facing the inevitable.
    I think faith based classes would harm Odessa, not better it. They already have the foundation for hate and seperatism firmly in place.

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